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Rajasthan with Varanasi
Delhi, Mandawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer.....

Rajasthan Cultural Holidays
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Luxury Rajasthan with Pushkar
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Forts & Palace with Jaipur & jodhpur
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Rajasthan Wildlife + Ranthambore
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Rajasthan Village Holidays
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Top Reasons to Visit Rajasthan

The Glory & Pride of Rajputs
Rajasthan has retained the glory and pride of Rajputs. A holiday trip to Rajasthan assures you to immerse in chivalrousness without any parallel. Rajasthan’s every grain of sand still sings the legendary saga of valour......

Visit Royal Past with Royal Residences
Visiting numerous forts that too coupled with colourful landscape always mesmerizes a traveler. Having a leisurely stroll in the corridors of royal residencies takes you back to its glorious past.....

Experience that’s Unforgettable, Pushkar
Pushkar is rich in every sense. As Rajasthan tourism is always filled with more than expected, taking a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake will open many hidden meanings of life.....

Explore the Wildlife
Spending your holidays in Rajasthan is always fun filled. You explore many facets of natural life with rare and exotic species....

The Mysterious Saga of the Sands
Rajasthan travels always assure you to experience unforgettable experience. It takes you to eternal bliss that’s inexpressible. Staying amidst suave and serene environs always make the journey of the traveler richer and meaningful.....

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Rajasthan Art & Culture

Rajasthan depicts vibrancy in its art and culture. Exclusivity remains its pillar. As there are loads of activities, things, and other avenues bestowing refined cultural satisfaction, travelers from all over the world gather here to get enthralled. Since India is rich in terms of culture, the art and culture of Rajasthan changes at every step just like loads of dialects of India.

Folk Music is one of the constituents of Rajasthan art and culture. When folk artistes sing and present their compositions, the atmosphere gets simply eclectic. It is the efficacies of these compositions and of course the singers that the surrounding becomes awesome. With intoxicating folk songs, depicting various shades of Rajasthan life and culture, they are simply irresistible. You can find every shade of life, heroism, valor, sadness, joy, etc in it.

Rajasthan Folk Dancing is something, which you cannot afford to miss. Women, in their splendid dresses, dance and enthrall the audience. What’s more, the folk dance of Rajasthan is so convincing that you will not fall short of amusement at any point of time. Simply awesome, Rajasthan folk dance gives you immense joy on witnessing the males singing compositions and females dancing on them.

Rajasthan Exclusive Food comprises of traditional dishes. Apart from presenting mouthwatering dishes, it gives you even more reasons to smile and flatter your taste buds. With a wide assortment of dishes, Rajasthan food is rich, even in terms of nutrition. Tastes and flavors used by the people of Rajasthan are simply magnificent. You can always go for a wide variety of food in Rajasthan and their strength lies in giving magnificent meals filled with great taste and aroma.

Rajasthan Costumes are simply irresistible. Be it any Rajasthan art emporium, you can posses your favorite from anywhere. What’s more, there is no dearth of Rajasthan art galleries, which exposes you to exclusive Rajasthan art and craft. You can always enjoy opulent colors with abundant attire. Sparkling mirror and silver decorations make them all the more glittering and preferable.

Tribal Rajasthan constitutes the Bhils and the Minas. Known as the ancient inhabitants of Rajasthan, they are the purveyors of rich tradition. Today’s Rajasthan is well recognized for their presence, as they are the ones who have retained the ancient glory of Rajasthan.India Holidays

Rajasthan People are highly cultured. Although, caste system in India is rampant, it graces the state of Rajasthan. However, nowadays it individuals are freer as compared to the past. Since the people of Rajasthan belong to different castes and sub-castes, you get to witness a cheerful, vibrant, and simple folks as a result. Highest hospitality standards further grace your stay in Rajasthan. As a traveler to Rajasthan, you will always witness scores of people with magnificent clothes and Rajasthan’s amazing art and culture always fascinates, even the keenest holiday spenders in Rajasthan.

Kite Flying
Come January, Rajasthan dips in one of the most famous festivals, the Kite Festival, held in Jaipur. As you are aware that kites represent human freedom, every kite that flaunts the same sentiment. Indeed, one of the unique festivals in India, it gives you scores of kites.

The mega event is held at Jaipur's Polo Ground. You can witness Indian Air Force helicopters hovering from above showering bewildering variety of kites. The breathtaking event offers numerous kites of different shapes and colors.

This three-day magnificent festival divides into two segments - the kite flying competition and the kite-flying exhibition. If the former involves intense rivalry among the kites, the later is known for exhibiting the most stunning kites ever witnessed.

Rajasthan tourism gives you umpteen numbers of museums, of which every museum enthralls you. Found in almost all the large and small cities of Rajasthan, they offer some of the fascinating sights. As large numbers of museums in Rajasthan are parts of old forts and palaces, they reflect the rich history of Rajasthan. Some of the noteworthy Rajasthan museums are Ajmer Government Museum, situated in the fort of Mughal Emperor, Hawa Mahal, in Pratap Mandir, Virat Nagar Museum, in Jaipur, Alwar Government Museum, in City Palace, Junagarh Fort Museum, in Bikaner, Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, Junagarh Fort Museum, and Amer Archeological Museum.